1:1 Programme (6 sessions)

Achieve Lasting Results with a Structured Approach

Tired of the endless battle with anxiety or phobias? Struggling with anxiety or a phobia that’s really impacting your life? This tailored 6-session programme offers a clear, structured path to the results you’ve been longing for. This approach allows us to tackle every aspect of your anxiety or phobia, step by step – from the root cause to reducing reactions, and changing your self-perception.

What Is The Freedom From Anxiety Programme?

The Freedom From Anxiety Programme is a focused, six-session plan aimed at helping individuals with anxiety or phobias find lasting relief. It’s designed to tackle the root causes of anxiety, change negative thought patterns, and teach effective coping strategies. 

This programme provides tailored support, using simple yet powerful techniques for everyday use. As an anxiety and phobia specialist who understands what it’s like to face these challenges, I can guide you through this proven path to feeling better and gaining control over your life.

Why Choose The Freedom From Anxiety Programme?

Proven, Step By Step Pathway

This programme is designed to provide structured help, focusing on step-by-step progress for maximum improvement.

Steady Improvement That Lasts

Enjoy the benefits of consistent progress, allowing you to observe changes in your behaviour and feelings over time.

Don’t Just “Manage” Your Anxiety – Eliminate The Root Cause

Unlike conventional therapies focused on talking, our methods dive deep to uncover the root cause of your anxiety, ensuring we address the core of the problem for lasting relief.

Stress-Free Treatment

This method does NOT involve exposure therapy. It’s a gentle but effective approach, because healing should not add to your stress but alleviate it.

Sceptical? No Problem…

If you have negative beliefs about how hard it will be to get rid of your problem, don’t worry, there are powerful techniques we can use to change that limiting belief that’s keeping you stuck.

How It Works

Weekly sessions are key to achieving significant progress. Choose a day and time that works best for you, and we’ll book your sessions accordingly. 

As a specialist in anxiety and phobias, I understand the importance of targeting the unconscious mind – where your anxiety or phobia is rooted. With a range of techniques available, we’ll find the right approach to quickly and effectively change negative beliefs and overcome your challenges.

Who Is It For?

This is for you if…

  • You have complex anxiety
  • You have a phobia. These need a programme to get good results
  • You have several different problems
  • You want to get deep into the root cause of your problem 
  • You want to live free from anxiety


Got questions about this programme? Don’t worry – you’ll find the answers here.

Q1: How long does it take?

This is a six week programme with the option to have an extra free session at the end if there’s something you’d still like to work on.

Q2: What areas do you cover?

Because I work online by video call, I can work with you wherever you are. Currently, I cover the UK, the USA and I can help anyone from other countries who speak English fluently.

Q3: How much does it cost?

The Freedom From Anxiety Programme is priced at £550. To provide flexibility, there are three payment options available:

  • Pay in Full: Secure your place in the programme with a one-time payment when booking.
  • Pay in Installments: Spread the cost with 2 manageable payments.

Trial Session: Unsure if this is the right fit for you? Start with a trial session for £92. If you find the approach suits your needs, you can then commit to the full programme by paying the remaining £458.

Q4: How do I book a free initial consultation?

Hear From Others Just Like You…

This Is Going To Be Too Hard…

At first I was sceptical and not sure anything could make me better. But after the first session I did feel a shift in mental strength and by the third session it was a relief to be making progress. 


For a long time I’d been standing stil, I’d given up, just taking the easy option. But from then on it was one step after another. It felt easy, comfortable and manageable. With Linda’s help I’ve changed how it used to make me feel.

SK Fear of going places

I Never Thought I’d Be Able To Overcome This…

Before working with Linda I’d start to feel panic before coming downstairs in the morning. And If I saw a spider I would be terrified, feel sweaty and as if I couldn’t cope. If no-one else was there to take it away I’d become hysterical and worked up. I never thought I’d be able to overcome this problem. 

But after the Fast Phobia Therapy programme I feel completely calm and relaxed when I see a spider and can even deal with them myself. Moths used to be a problem but no longer trouble me at all. 

 It’s amazing being able to feel independent, I no longer need someone else to be in the house. I can even use the bathroom in the night! 

 Everything we did had an impact on the problem and it’s allowed me to fully be who I am. It’s definitely changed me as a person and I didn’t expect that. 

 I’d highly recommend Linda. With her help I’ve realised anything is possible.

Natasha J. Spider Phobia

All Physical Symptoms Gone…

At the beginning I was doubtful but now I’m amazed at the progress made. By the second week the urge to recoil and fold up my arms was gone! As was the odd feeling I always had in my arms. Gone also! I noticed I ddin’t react as much to people talking about veins or blood tests. I could calm myself and manage my reactions. That recoil and other physical feelings has been going on for a long time now. 

I’m definitely doing much better and am planning to try a blood test. That will really seal the deal. If you have fears or anxiety don’t hesitate to book in with Linda.

Fern Smith, Anxiety about veins.

After One Hour I Felt Better…

It’s amazing how I’ve gone from not being able to say the word ‘rat’ or see a picture to stroking and cuddling a pet rat. They are quite cute actually. There’s no fear or panic now. I feel comfortable even about discovering a wild rat in the house. The first session was a big breakthrough. After only one hour I felt a lot better. If your phobia is impacting your life I would highly recommend Linda.

Lucy Scarfe, rat phobia

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