How I Work and Why It's Successful

By the time you come to me for help we know two things. 

First, this isn’t something you can fix by thinking you’ll sort it out with your intellect and logic. Otherwise you would have got that done and dusted by now.

And secondly, it’s time! You want it fixed for good. Otherwise you’d be happy to carry on as you were.

We also know you’ve come to the right person because the methods I use go deeper than the intellect and resolve the source of your problem permanently. The treatment is gentle and pleasant, not needing to poke any sleeping bears. We will approach the bear but like a ninja, not like a warrior. 

I work by video call so you don’t need to set foot out of your home, – no fuel costs, no travel time, no worries about parking. I like to create a solid connection between us and because we can both hear and see each other this happens easily. 

Life goes on and things may crop up in the future so I want you to have a toolbelt filled with techniques that will return you to a sense of calm. This will leave you always able to manage your mind and mood, make you bulletproof.


Book a free phone chat so you can tell me about your problem and get your questions answered. Just click on the button below to find a time that suits you.

 After that we can book your consultation which is also free. During this time we will dig beneath the surface and begin to see what’s needed. Some changes may occur during this session and all clients finish this feeling confident there is light at the end of the tunnel. Once we know what we’re dealing with I will know if we can work together.



Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Habits

  Natural Weight Loss Programme
With weight loss the end goal is to make you feel like a healthy eater, not like someone trying to deal with a weight problem. 

We will work together to remove your cravings, stop your habits, reset your triggers and resolve whatever it is that makes you use food as a soother. It requires NO WILLPOWER.

Quit Smoking Programme
Our aim here is to make you a non-smoker before you are asked to stop smoking. With my help you will stop the cravings, remove the habit and reset those triggers. 

We’ll look at what you feel it ‘gives’ you and why you ‘like’ it. Then we’ll replace the needs with better and healthier habits so your needs are still being met. NO WILLPOWER required here either.

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For other habits get in touch and we’ll match the solution to your habit.


Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

Even long term anxiety or fear may be resolved in a matter of hours. You will find there is always a trigger moment somewhere in the past that is causing unreasonable fear in the present.

I will help you remove that trigger so it no longer fires and install feelings of power and confidence in its place.

Where there are more serious traumas in the past it may require a multi-pronged approach. The goal of achieving calm and strength can still be reached. The solution is always based on your individual needs.

Some, more complex situations may benefit from a longer period of coaching support. When you have always lived in a fearful state of mind it’s important to get you equipped with the skills of living with confidence.

Phobias  respond well to my specialist programme Fast Phobia Cure. You can find out more here –

A free chat will help you to find the best solution.

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Confidence and Wellbeing

Lack of confidence may be present in every aspect of your life or only relate to relationships, horse riding, driving, the workplace, parenting etc.

In all cases I will be able to help you remove the trigger that creates your automatic responses. They will be replaced with anchors that prompt feelings of power and control.

Battling against your feelings or trying to cope is exhausting. NO coping needed.  I am resolving your problem for good.

Once your problem is resolved coaching support is available to equip you with those skills and mind-sets that go with living life with confidence. Coaching support will ensure you are

If you are facing a difficult time – like a divorce or learning to drive – there is a coaching scheme to ensure you have support right up until the goal is achieved with confidence.

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Harriet Chase - Natural Weight Loss Programme

“I don’t feel like the same person I was when we first started, but like a new version of myself. My husband said he doesn’t know what you have done to me but it’s amazing. My confidence is through the roof and has been from the first session, not just from weight loss. If anyone is looking for weight loss help do it for sure because if you can find money for indulgences this is worth everything!”

Elizabeth Day - Chronic Anxiety

I booked with Linda after suffering with anxiety for over 2 years. The anxiety would start before I even opened my eyes each day. I worried about every-day things, over-thinking everything. I constantly thought about what was happening next and even beyond that. If my routine was finished it felt like plunging off a cliff.  But then I felt anxious about picking the right thing to do next!

By the end of that week I had experienced none of those symptoms. They were gone and have not returned.

I’ve had help from Linda for several issues, some of them quite serious, and every time there are significant results immediately. Sometimes there are different levels to work on and this takes more than one or two sessions. But these things can spoil your life so I don’t hesitate to get them dealt with.

If you’re considering booking then just do it. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain in my opinion,

Rachel Doe - Riding Confidence

My mare had bucked me off several times when jumping, leaving me quite nervous, so I gave up jumping for around 5 years. However I always felt I was losing out on a part of riding I used to love. Last Christmas I contacted Linda for help. She’d been recommended by a fellow rider who’d got excellent results herself, so I booked in.

We identified issues that were nothing to do with jumping or even riding that were at the root of my riding fears. It also resolved some anxiety I’d noticed creeping in when hacking or schooling.

After only two sessions I was able to make steady progress at my own pace. I began to let my mare have her head and gallop when hacking, which she enjoys. I was also able to address issues with more complex movements in the school. The relationship between us developed so that in just over 7 months I’m now taking her over 1 metre jumps with increasing confidence. In the Autumn I plan to compete with her – something I would never have thought possible a year ago!

If I ever feel nervous about what I’m attempting I use the tools Linda taught me to recompose myself. This lets me work on improving my technique rather than just getting over the jump. I now have enough brain space to do this and am not hampered by fighting anxiety.
I would highly recommend contacting Linda if you need help with something that’s holding you back. It’s changed the future for me and my horse.

Real Results

Custom Plans & Coaching for Your Specific Goals

You are unique!

But of course you know that. Well, I know it too. So I won’t try to fob you off with a one size fits all solution. The solution I offer will be perfectly matched to your problem, your situation and your goal.

Often a life-long problem becomes resolved leaving a need for help with that new identity. If you have always struggled with confidence, you are not going to know how a confident person behaves. So my job isn’t finished until you are free from your problem and have been coached in success in that new role.


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Results Maintained At Follow Up


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How Does This Approach Work?

The root of any mind-body problem lies in the unconscious mind, where something that occurred in your past has caused a glitch – like a computer virus, you might say. That glitch is firing off whenever your problem is presenting. You cannot control or stop it yourself. We find the reason for that glitch and resolve it. Boom! No more computer virus. No more problem.

Safety And Confidentiality

You may be wondering how safe it is for someone to be going into your mind and fiddling about. Is it some kind of mind control? Will I know what’s happening?

Whichever tools we are using you will find it pleasant and perfectly unobtrusive. Afterwards most clients speak of feeling lighter, or more free. I work in a way that avoids any emotional distress even if the problem is rooted in past trauma.

As a trained professional total confidentiality is practised at all stages. In fact, much of the treatment takes place contentless, where any detail of memories or situations stays in your head. I don’t need to know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resolve all your queries!

Does it work by fooling my mind into believing my problem is solved?

An interesting question. No, it’s quite the opposite, actually. It is your unconscious mind that is already fooled into creating the problem. The treatment returns your mind to the truth of it.

What is the difference between NLP/hypnotherapy and counselling?

Counselling, CBT, psychotherapy all work with your conscious mind. In all cases where a probem has persisted it is being created by the unconscious mind. This is where it can be fixed. NLP and hypnotherapy work with the unconscious mind to isolate and then resolve the original cause.

Will working by video call be as effective as in person? How will you 'put me under'?

My training includes building rapport and an intuitive connection that works even when we are not together. So there is no loss of effectiveness. My voice, my focus and my intention is perfectly sufficient for what we need to achieve.

What if I can't be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is not the only tool I will use. But when it is used for healing purposes it is not the same as stage hypnosis. It’s more like a guided meditation in experience. It has much more power than a meditation but will feel just as pleasant and easy to follow. There’s no possibility of you being unable to just listen and relax.

How can we reach the unconscious mind? Is it even possible?

Yes, indeed. I have techniques for doing just that. You can leave all that in my hands. All you need to do is be willing. Willing to let go of the problem, willing to follow my guidance. Willing to accept it does work! Once we are connected with the UM we will use images, colours and feelings to communicate.

Remember, every one of my clients wondered if it would work! You can read their testimonials around the site.

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