Eliminate Anxiety Triggers Fast – Even If You’ve Tried & Failed Before!

Are you fed up with feeling anxious?

Are you fed up with feeling anxious? Sick of worrying night and day? Exhausted from overthinking and battling constant negative thoughts? And frustrated that anxiety seems to be controlling your life and impacting your family!

I Know How It Feels…

Every day spent worrying, stressing and trying to “control” everything out of fear. That rush of anxiety. The tight feeling in your chest. Heart racing, feeling as if you can’t breathe. And then those relentless negative thoughts that you know make things worse – but you just can’t get out of your head…

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

There is a simple solution. A solution that can end anxiety, allow you to take control of your feelings – and give you the power to enjoy your life again! 

I Never Felt Judged…

“During the first step of the programme I was sceptical. Then before the next stage I decided to open my mind. From then on all the techniques worked. This took away a huge and unnecessary fear.  I became able to see how silly it was and now can lead a normal life.

I’m so pleased to have gained some tools I can use myself to ensure that I’m able to manage my mind and mood in most situations.

At the start my problem was a big thunderstorm in my mind. Now it’s clear skies.

Madeleine Chivers, extreme fear of pregnancy

Cure Your Own Anxiety Fast – In 60 days or Less

Freedom From Anxiety Breakthrough is an innovative, proven anxiety treatment programme that offers you an effective way to stop living in fear and start enjoying life again. Most therapy models for anxiety involve learning tools and strategies that you can use to help you “cope” with your anxiety. But FAB is different.

With FAB, we get right to the root cause of your anxiety and eliminate it forever. Using neuroscientific processes, we can quickly and permanently alter the “fear coding” in your brain that makes you overthink, worry or feel anxious. You don’t have to live with your anxiety, it can truly be gone forever, allowing you to enjoy life again. 

You can work with me 1:1 or complete the online programme in your own time, making it easy, affordable and accessible for everyone.

My methods work FAST, so you’ll notice the benefits after the very first session.

How I Can Help You…

Freedom From Anxiety Breakthrough (FAB) Programme

Done-With-You Programme

This 9-step online programme gives you the tools, resources and live support you need to eliminate your anxiety. If you want an affordable, accessible way to be free from your anxiety triggers, FAB is for you. This programme is suitable for everyone and it gets you results fast!

This 9-step online programme gives you the tools, resources and live support you need to eliminate your anxiety. If you want an affordable, accessible way to be free from your anxiety triggers, FAB is for you. This programme is suitable for everyone and it gets you results

Individual 1:1 sessions

Need a little extra support? Got a specific problem or situation, such as a sudden change of circumstance or a relationship breakdown, that you want to work through with some help? Individual 1:1 sessions give you expert support, as and when you need it.

1:1 Fast Phobia Therapy Programme

Some situations, like a phobia or complex anxiety, require steady work and consistency. If you don’t want to work through the FAB programme alone, I can take you through it on a 1:1 basis, with every step tailored to your unique needs.

Because my method works fast you can get your results quickly and permanently, which means you get your life back sooner.

That feeling Is gone forever…

Linda was really great, she has a lovely warm personality, she is very authentic and I felt very much at ease with her. She is an experienced, intuitive worker.

After we finished I felt a new sense of relief. The emotional attachment I had, the discomfort I felt was gone and I felt totally at ease. It has been several weeks since then and I still feel the same, that uncomfortable feeling is gone forever.

L.H. Irrational Fear of Spending Money

Why Choose Freedom From Anxiety Breakthrough?

Eliminate Anxiety Triggers For Good

The FAB methods can make an instant change in your mind. They can eliminate your anxiety triggers and give you new resources fast. 


Anxiety Specialist With Over 23 Years Experience

As an anxiety specialist with over 23 years experience, I understand what you’re going through, but more importantly, I know how to help you feel better. 


Honest & Transparent – I’ll Tell You If It’s Not For You

I only work with those that I believe I can help. If you don’t fit the profile that gets success then I will tell you, so you can be sure you’re investing in a solution that will work for you. 


Reset Your “Fear Coding” & Eliminate The Root Cause

Fear and anxiety are set up by the unconscious mind. By looking for the “root cause” we will find the settings that rule your anxiety reactions. We can change the settings, change your thoughts and ideas, and make you feel better.


Practical Techniques For When Anxiety Strikes

You’ll also get practical, easy to do and effective techniques that you can do should anxiety or fear strike, that will make you calm. This puts you in control, gives you confidence. 

Hi, I’m Linda. I’m a specialist in anxiety and phobias.

I’ve been working with anxiety for 23 years and I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to take back control, end anxiety and start living life again. 

Anxiety needs specialist treatment to be successful – that’s why so many people come to me after trying other treatments without success. 

My methods can alter the ‘fear coding’ in your brain to bring about permanent change, setting you free forever from anxiety, overthinking and worry.

What My Clients Say…

It’s gone beyond my expectations…

“Whenever Beth needed to go to a dentist, hospital even to visit or GP surgery she would panic and want to get out of that situation. If she had to have a needle procedure she would also get sweaty hands, cry or sob, her feet would squirm and she’d fiddle with her hands. Like a child.

We were able to visit some of the experiences in her childhood and resolve the trauma that child version had felt. Now she is capable of being an adult in all situations.”

Beth says,” I thought everyone was afraid of the dentist. I didn’t know it was possible to have no anxiety! Now I have no anxiety about any needle procedure. During the programme I was able to build up a toolbelt of strategies to eliminate any anxiety that might crop up in any situation. Linda hasn’t just taken away the phobia and let me go off, she’s  given me things to help with all situations. It’s gone beyond my expectations.

Beth Sutherland, Medical Anxiety and Needle Phobia

OCD gone after 30 years!…

At first I was a bit nervous about the process but that soon dissipated. Linda has a very easy manner. Amongst my problems was OCD that I’d had for 30 years. Now it’s gone! I never expected it to go, And all my reactions to travel are now resolved.

J. Davey, Travel fear.

I Never Felt Judged…

My sessions with Linda were really calm and helpful. I never felt judged and was never anxious before an appointment, instead I was excited. At first I couldn’t understand how just talking could take away my fear which was so strong.

Then I discovered it’s not just talking! Instead it’s like watching a show but you have the remote and can choose how it works out.

Molly Smith, Fear of Dying

Life Changing…

“It’s been life-changing. I now feel equipped to deal with life. After each session I could jump over a car!”

Catherine Hollins, Health Anxiety

A Very Child Friendly Approach…

Linda has a very child friendly approach. It was so much better than his psychology appointment. Everything was about working with Hubert in his mind and on his thinking. Letting him see he was capable of changing his thinking. Linda put him in charge of himself. Hubert says he just doesn’t think about it any more. All worries are gone. I would 100% recommend Linda to everyone.

Sylwia Danielewicz, Son - Fear of Choking


I Thought It Couldn’t Be Solved…

Before I worked with Linda I thought it couldn’t be solved. After the first or second session I realised it could! You just have to persevere and keep your mind in the right place. The 1:1 sessions are really good and more effective than you expect them to be. If I use what I’ve learned it does make a difference. It’s important to do things the way you want to be doing it. I don’t have to take a shower every time I’ve been out. I’m able to eat out and enjoy it. I’m feeling different about germs, I realise they are not everywhere.

RW, Fear of Germs

How Fast It Worked!…

The sessions were unbelievably successful. I can’t believe how fast it worked! I’ve been able to test my fear and it is absolutely fine.

It was so easy to relate to Linda even though it was a video call. Linda is a lovely, kind, compassionate person and it comes across.

Sammy Palfrey, Fear of the Dark

This is going to be too hard.

“At first I was sceptical and not sure anything could make me better. But after the first session I did feel a shift in mental strength and by the third session it was a relief to be making progress.

For a long time I’d been standing still, I’d given up, just taking the easy option. But from then on it was one step after another. It felt easy, comfortable and manageable. With Linda’s help I’ve changed how it used to make me feel.”

S.K., Fear of Going Places

All Physical Symptoms Gone…

At the beginning I was doubtful but now I’m amazed at the progress made. By the second week the urge to recoil and fold up my arms was gone, as was the odd feeling I always had in my arms. Also I noticed I didn’t react as much to people talking about veins or blood tests. I could calm myself and manage my reactions. That recoil and other physical feelings has been gone for a long time now.

I’m definitely doing much better and am planning to try a blood test. That will really seal the deal. If you have fears or anxiety don’t hesitate to book in with Linda.

Fern Smith, Anxiety About Veins

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