I Work With You To Remove Your  Anxiety, Fears, Phobias and Traumas

Life is not a rehearsal. This IS your one life. Why live it afraid?

For a large part of my life as an adult I suffered from anxiety and depression. As I look back on that time now, probably a total of 10 or twelve years, it feels as if that condition stole those years from me. I found  no effective treatment. I just had to endure it and wait until it had run its course. At one time I had a phobia of dying! Of me or anyone dying.

Now that’s a tricky one! No-one can say nobody is going to die, ever!

Now, I’m afraid of nothing. Because I have the tools to remove anything that crops up. Yes, life happens, things may arise that disturb me but I feel bulletproof because I have everything I need to resolve it fast and permenantly.

Whatever is stopping you from living a life of confidence and happiness should be dealt with without delay. Whatever keeps you afraid, living a smaller life than you’d choose if you could,  you can bring it to me. Even if you think it’s too difficult to shift. I want no-one to suffer as I did, just waiting for normal life to resume. Don’t worry if you don’t see it mentioned on this page. Whatever your particular problem is my methods can resolve it.

Because I only work with people i know I can help, we begin with a free consultation where you can tell me about your problem and get your questions answered. In that session I will decide if I can help you. If I feel there might be a better solution for you I can signpost you to a different method. If I do take you on as a client you will know that I’m confident that we can work successfully together.

I use Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Clinical Hypnotherapy to get fast and permanent results. And I offer self-help training so you, too, can feel able to handle most of what comes up in life in the future.

This is how you can become bulletproof!


My Story

Meet Linda, Professional NLP Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

When I was young I thought everything would be alright once I became an adult. I would have free choice and would easily be able to make my life just the way I wanted it to be. But it’s not like that is it? 

The next thing I learned was that whatever is getting in the way of me enjoying life is hidden. Totally hidden! I’d no idea why I was always either not enough or too much! Not focused enough, not confident enough, not calm enough. Or too overweight, too unfit, too argumentative.

The long and the short of it was my life was a mess. I had chronic health problems, my marriage was unhappy, money was so hard to get and parenting was a struggle.

And then I discovered that it’s possible to find whatever it is that’s sabotaging your results and remove it for good. I trained in some new and exciting methods that could do this and began to use them on myself. As I cleared away, one by one, those things that stopped me. I began to experience the free choice I’d always wanted. Suddenly life could be the way I wanted it to be.

Now I know I was not alone. Many people feel they’re falling short in life in one way or another. It’s my job to change that and help you to remove what’s stopping you living the life you always wanted. I acheive a high rate of success because I only work with those I believe I can help.

Book now to get a free one hour consultation and find out if, together, we can be successful for you.

Linda is a truly remarkable practitioner who not only asks the right questions but listens to the right answers. I love working with her and so will you.

Simon Walker