If you’ve been thinking of getting some therapy for anxiety you’re probably wondering how much it is going to cost. If you’ve been checking out some therapist’s websites you might find some won’t actually tell you the price. 

I’m a little bit different. I’m going to tell you what actually impacts the price of therapy for anxiety and what range you could be expected to pay. 

How the type of therapy affects pricing


The cheapest form of anxiety therapy would be counselling which comes in from £10 to £70 per session, usually 50 mins or an hour. You will get what you pay for, of course. If you’re only paying £10 you’ll only get a trainee counsellor who may not be advanced enough to deal with your problem. For the most skilled counsellors it will be approaching the top price. Talk therapy tends to get results quite slowly so that will increase the cost.


Usually booked session by session. The average cost is around £100. Where hypnotherapy for anxiety is successful it can be done in only a few sessions. Though it’s also open-ended the benefit of it being fast acting means you will know early on if it’s going to work for your problem.


This is another open-ended treatment for anxiety where it will be difficult to be certain of the full cost. Generally around £100 per session. Also likely to get results slowly.


A psychologist needs a Masters or Doctorate degree so the pricing tends to be higher, ranging from £120 to £180. Yet again if you are at the lower end of that scale you may not get the same standard of help as if you pay more. As a psychologist they will use particular proven systems for anxiety to bring about change so results could come reasonably quickly.

Master NLP Practitioner

NLP is fast acting so it’s possible to get results in a short time. It works with the unconscious mind where anxiety, fears and phobias are set up. It’s possible to find the settings menu and change those settings to bring about change. Sessions of an hour cost between £50 and £90. 

How you pay can affect cost

Some practitioners offering treatment for anxiety will offer block bookings at a reduction. Another option you may find is a fixed price programme. This does not give you a guarantee of success but you will know the total cost. Using NLP some practitioners offer Breakthrough sessions of several hours, maybe even a whole day. The cost is likely to be over £1,000 but it’s an interesting session that will get every change made in one go.

What YOU can do to bring down the cost of anxiety therapy

If you are in the best mindset you will spend less because you will need fewer sessions. These are the things that can affect your progress.

If there are any signs of feeling cynical that can easily sabotage your success. So unless you start with the expectation of success you could be hampered in achieving it. 

Would you be willing to do whatever it takes to get over this problem? Nothing drastic but there will come a time when we want to test your results in real life. Would you be up for that?

Being self-motivated and pro-active has a big effect. Committed to finding a solution and willing to put your mind to it between sessions, looking for opportunities to change how you are seeing things right now. 

You will need a clear mind to process your changes in between sessions. It’s important to make the right choice here. If it’s a frantic time at work it might be better to delay until you’ve got a clear run.

Being willing to let go of your problem is essential. If you’ve had it for some time it may seem that it’s a part of you now, but that idea will need to change if you are to ever be free of it. 

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