How I Can Help You

does your life story need a new chapter?

Are you living the life you expected to have, or are there things that could be better? For some of you it will be big things that do need a whole new chapter like – trauma, anxiety, fears, phobias or lack of confidence. For others it may only need a new paragraph to stop nail-biting or deal with other habits.

Whichever it is there is a solution.

Until you decide to make your life better, it will remain the same. Don’t allow your tomorrows to be simply copies of today. Make a decision now to get started on the path to your solution.

Reducing your stress levels will help any situation. So hit the button below to get my free course in the Treasure Chest. Help yourself to anything else you need but start with … Instant Calm and The Blue Bowl…these will make you calm whenever you need it.

What is Neuro-linguistic Programming?

NLP is like learning the language that your brain speaks, in particular your unconscious mind. The conscious mind seems to speak the same language as your mouth, eh? But no matter how many times you declare that you are giving up smoking, cake, procrastinating, worrying etc a part of your mind keeps on making you do it!

When you choose to get help from an NLP professional the game changes. I am trained in advanced techniques that will communicate with that hidden part and reset the goal. That ends the battle. For the first time both parts of the mind are going after the same thing.

It does seem magical and you won’t know how good it is until you try.

How Do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • You’re determined to make this change for the better …
  • You’re willing to follow my guidance through the processes …
  • You believe things can be better than this …
  • You’re committed to letting go of this for good …
If these are true then IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU!

Personalised Solution

The first step is to book your consultation where together  we can get some clarity about your situation.

I only work with those I believe I can help and by the end of this session I will know if we can be succesful together.

If not then I can signpost you to some other methods.

Confidence in Results

When I begin working with you we enter into a contract of agreement. On my side I use my skills and experience to guide and support you in making the inner change that will be necessary for you to get your desired outcome. On your side I need your trust and your willingess to let go of the problem. Check out Terms and Conditions for more details.

I only work with people I know I can help so I will only take money from you when I’m totally confident of that.

Custom Programmes

Some problems are complex and need addressing from a few angles. It may become obvious during an anxiety programme, for example, that you have low self esteem.

I always work towards giving you the full result you want.  By creating a personalised programme using different modules we can be sure that we’ve covered all the angles. Your satisfaction is paramount.


Learn how to help yourself

First Aid Mood Control for Parent and Child

Learn three amazing techniques to remove bad feelings and reset your attitude. Those times, when you wish you hadn’t said or done something,  only happen because you acted from your feelings instead of intention. Whenever you’ve been unable to be effective in a situation it’s the same reason.

Imagine triggering Instant Calm so you stay clear minded and free to make choices when you use Technique #1

What will it feel like to not even worry about difficult upcoming problems because your attitude can always be under your control?

And when YOU have this control you can use the specially designed resources provided to teach it to your child, so that the whole family feels the benefit.

Don’t waste any more time trying harder at what hasn’t worked so far.

Book your consultation now and make a difference for everyone.

 “I find it quite amazing how we can literally change the overwhelming feelings and pent up negative energy.”

S. Court

FREE Consultation

Two and a half hours – oonline group session

£47 per adult

Take Control of Your Mind

If circumstances dictate your feelings, if your thoughts tell you how to feel, if things people do or say make you feel bad you will never know what kind of day you will have. But …

If you deflect those feelings when a circumstance arises…
If you take control of your thoughts before they control you…
If you learn how to stop other people triggering your response…

Then you will have constant control of your mood and your mind. You will be able to predict what kind of a day you will have and it will be a good one.

This is a workshop which will change you. Some aspects of life that were previously a problem will no longer trouble you. A mixture of techniques, knowledge and new skills will put you at the helm.

This is a workshop of miraculous solutions. Come along and be amazed, life will never be the same again.

 “I feel as if I’ve had a factory reset.”

D. Dennis

FREE Consultation

One Day Intensive – online group session

£89 per person

How To Lead Every Conversation


This is my next exciting offering.

More info shortly but get in touch anyway if you are interested.

FREE Consultation

3 hours – group session

£47 per person

Get Your Results!

Get in touch now! You have all the options below.

And what will happen if you do nothing today? This time next month, next year, nothing will have changed. If you act now everything can change!

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