The Client Experience: Testimonials from Our Customers

I Was Sceptical…


“During the first session I was sceptical. Then before my next session I decided to open my mind. From then on all the techniques worked. The work I did with Linda took away a huge and unnecessary fear. I became able to see how silly it was and now can lead a normal life.

I’m so pleased to have gained some tools I can use myself to ensure that I’m able to manage my mind and mood in most situations.

At the start my problem was a big thunderstorm in my mind. Now it’s clear skies.”

Madeleine Chivers, Fear of Pregnancy

I Never Felt Judged…

My sessions with Linda were really calm and helpful. I never felt judged and was never anxious before an appointment, instead I was excited. At first I couldn’t understand how just talking could take away my fear which was so strong.

Then I discovered it’s not just talking! Instead it’s like watching a show but you have the remote and can choose how it works out.

Molly Smith, Fear of Dying

It’s Gone Beyond My Expectations…

“Whenever Beth needed to go to a dentist, hospital even to visit or GP surgery she would panic and want to get out of that situation. If she had to have a needle procedure she would alsoget sweaty hands, cry or sob, her feet would squirm and she’d fiddle with her hands. Like a child.

We were able to visit some of the experiences in her childhood and resolve the trauma that child version had felt. Now she is capable of being an adult in all situations.”

Beth says,” I thought everyone was afraid of the dentist. I didn’t know it was possible to have no anxiety! Now I have no anxiety about any needle procedure. During the programme I was able to build up a toolbelt of strategies to eliminate any anxiety that might crop up in any situation. Linda hasn’t just taken away the phobia and let me go off, she’s ¬†given me things to help with all situations. It’s gone beyond my expectations.”

Beth Sutherland, Medical Anxiety and Needle Phobia

How Fast It Worked!….

The sessions were unbelievably successful. I can’t believe how fast it worked! I’ve been able to test my fear and it is absolutely fine.

It was so easy to relate to Linda even though it was a video call. Linda is a lovely, kind, compassionate person and it comes across.

Sammy Palfrey, Fear of the Dark

OCD Gone After 30 Years!..

“At first I was a bit nervous about the process but that soon dissipated. Linda has a very easy manner. Amongst my problems was OCD that I’d had for 30 years. Now it’s gone! I never expected it to go. My previous reactions to travel are now all resolved.”

J. Davey, Travel Fear

That Feeling Is Gone Forever…

“Linda was really great, she has a lovely warm personality, she is very authentic and I felt very much at ease with her. She is an experienced, intuitive worker.

After we finished I felt a new sense of relief. The emotional attachment I had, the discomfort I felt was gone and I felt totally at ease. It has been several weeks since then and I still feel the same, that uncomfortable feeling is gone forever.

Linda is absolutely fantastic, she is very experienced and she gives 100% to every session. I would recommend her to anyone.”

L.H. Irrational Fear of Spending Money

Life Changing…

“It’s been life-changing. I now feel equipped to deal with life. After each session I could jump over a car!”

Catherine Hollins, Health Anxiety

A Very Child Friendly Approach…

Linda has a very child friendly approach. It was so much better than his psychology appointment. Everything was about working with Hubert in his mind and on his thinking. Letting him see he was capable of changing his thinking. Linda put him in charge of himself. Hubert says he just doesn’t think about it any more. All worries are gone. I would 100% recommend Linda to everyone.

Sylwia Danielewicz, Son - Fear of Choking

I Thought It Couldn’t Be Solved…

Before I worked with Linda I thought it couldn’t be solved. After the first or second session I realised it could! You just have to persevere and keep your mind in the right place. The 1:1 sessions are really good and more effective than you expect them to be. If I use what I’ve learned it does make a difference. It’s important to do things the way you want to be doing it. I don’t have to take a shower every time I’ve been out. I’m able to eat out and enjoy it. I’m feeling different about germs, I realise they are not everywhere.

RW, Fear of Germs

This is going to be too hard.

“At first I was sceptical and not sure anything could make me better. But after the first session I did feel a shift in mental strength and by the third session it was a relief to be making progress.

For a long time I’d been standing still, I’d given up, just taking the easy option. But from then on it was one step after another. It felt easy, comfortable and manageable. With Linda’s help I’ve changed how it used to make me feel.”

S.K., Fear of Going Places

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