Feeling anxious, worried and also overthinking?

Remove Anxiety triggers, Feel Calmer, Stop panic

with Freedom – Anxiety Breakthrough Programme (FAB)

Linda Hamilton-ross


Are you fed up with feeling anxious, constantly worrying, panicking and just don’t know what to do about it?

Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault.

When you talk about anxiety people think of fear, panic attacks and worry. But what about how much it stops you from enjoying life. How much of your life it is stealing from you.

Does this pattern of emotion sound familiar…

  • Always on edge, not able to relax for a minute.
  • Afraid of panic, embarrassed about when it might happen.
  • Unable to stop worrying, even when you know it’s unnecessary.
  • Struggling to get enough sleep so always exhausted. 
  • Feeling alone because no-one else can really help you.

And Being Anxious and Stressed Leaves You Exhausted

The result is that you soon find yourself…

  • Giving in to fear because it’s easier.
  • Thinking that your problem keeps you safe!
  • Deciding that you can carry on coping with the problem.
  • Feeling it’s a part of who you are.
  • Believing that there is no solution for you.
  • Feeling quite alone with your problem
  • Constantly worrying about the smallest thing
  • Feeling low and depressed
  • Putting yourself last and feeling hopeless

You are NOT alone.

I get it…in the past I have felt every single one of these …sometimes all at the same time.

With anxiety it can seem to go on forever. And you can feel as if you’re out of control. No chance of getting back control of your mind. The anxiety has just taken you over. How will you ever learn to enjoy life again. 

You may have tried medication. You may just be trying to power through, forcing yourself to do those things that make you anxious. You may feel you have tried everything and nothing has made a lasting effect… and one of the worst things…


But there is a solution….


The 9 Step Online Anxiety Breakthrough Programme

Everything you need to make you calm, relaxedand at peace, even happier

My Name is Linda Hamilton-Ross

I have personal experience of anxiety and phobias. And this is what I specialise in. I’m passionate about helping those with anxiety or phobias just because of my own history.

When I was a young mother I had 3 children under 20 months. (I had twins if you’re wondering how I managed that). Those times were exhausting. I had no help and had to do 2 night-time feeds every night. And one of my babies would take a full hour to feed. I was totally exhausted. 

I would take my clothes off at night and drop them where I stood.and apart from clean underwear I’d put the same clothes on in the morning. It was not long before I began to experience mental health problems. Now we would see it as delayed post-natal depression. But in those days it wasn’t recognised as that. 

I had several bouts of anxiety and depression, some lasting for years. I did everything, I took anti-depressants, I stopped taking the pill, cut out caffeine and learnt to meditate. None of that worked. 

During this time it was shocking to see the toll it was taking on my mental and physical well-being. The constant feeling of anxiety, the overwhelming low mood, the lack of energy to tackle even simple tasks, the temptation to resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms and the tendency to make excuses just to avoid facing my fears..it was all incredibly daunting.

And the worst part? The uncertainty of when it will subside. 

Then in 2001 I learned an energy technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I’ve never suffered from anxiety or depression since that time. And it’s one of the techniques I teach you in this programme. 

Rather than just surviving anxiety you can learn to take back control through using the Treasure Chest that I give to you free of charge. 

One of my clients said this about the Treasure Chest….

“I really love using the Treasure Chest and find that more helpful than most therapy I’ve had.”

Emma Adamson

I am an expert in navigating through these overwhelming symptoms and understanding first-hand the detrimental effects they can have on your life.

So are you ready to regain control over your mind? Are you prepared to embark on a journey toward true resilience and reclaiming your optimum self? I can certainly offer guidance on techniques and strategies to boost your mental well-being and conquer your anxieties, without relying solely on medication. 

Together let’s work on increasing those elusive ‘happy hormones’’ that seem to evade us during times of heightened anxiety.

What My Clients Say…

I Was Sceptical…

At first I was sceptical. But after 2 or 3 sessions I was feeling better around wasps. I could keep calm and keep a level head. The Pause from the Treasure Chest helped a lot. And EFT made a considerable difference. Even if you’re sceptical book in and keep going. You will get there in the end. 

Cheryl Baldwin, fear of wasps

This is going to be too hard…

At first I thought this is going to be too hard. I wasn’t sure anything could make me feel better. I was sceptical. But after the first session I felt a shift in mental energy. And after the third session  I began to feel it was not who I really am. From that moment on it was one step after another. I’d been a long time standing still, I felt safe there. I’d been giving in, taking the easy option. It was a relief to be making progress. I prayed for it not to be exposure therapy and it wasn’t. Linda doesnt agree with that. Now I feel easy, comfortable and it’s manageable. We’ve changed how it made me feel. 

Simone Khan, anxious about going places

I Never Thought I Would See Him Like This…

Giorgio’s Mum says this…I never thought I would see him like this. You’ve really helped him. He’s so confident about vomiting now.

Giorgio says…At the beginning I felt it was an interesting way of tackling a problem.I’ve tried various different methods. When there was a bout of sickness I handled it much better than previous times. The methods I’ve picked up from Linda have helped me to overcome the thoughts I would be struggling with.

GC Fear of vomiting

Have you found yourself feeling worse as time goes on? Does it feel like you have to work harder to remain positive? Are your energy levels on the floor,.You’re not imagining it and it isn’t your fault.

Why Is Anxiety So Exhausting?

  1. Anxiety can lead to muscle tension because of the flight or fight response. It triggers your body to be ready to respond at any moment. That constant state of tension can contribute to feelings of physical fatigue. 
  2. Anxiety can cause a hormonal rush that can leave you feeling drained and tired. The crash is probably temporary, but the feeling of exhaustion can last even after you’ve got some rest. 
  3. Extreme fatigue from stress, sometimes called adrenal fatigue, is a severe form of tiredness that can inhibit daily activities. It often stems from long-term exposure to chronic stress.. 


The good news is there is a way to recover. It might feel like your mind is working against you but we can address that by fixing that little bit of coding that’s gone wrong and is driving fear where none 

is needed. Anxiety is set up in the unconscious mind so we can find those settings and change them. 

You’ve been sold a lie…

We’re often led to believe that experiencing symptoms like constant worry, irritability, lack of motivation and even depression are just ‘normal parts of life with anxiety. That feeling exhausted, on edge and unable to cope is something we just have to accept and endure. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way

For the past 23 years I’ve helped hundreds of individuals in reclaiming control over their minds and bodies, empowering them to feel more content, motivated and lead fulfilling lives despite their anxiety and phobias.

And I’m here to offer you the same opportunity. 

Do not wait to ‘get through’ anxiety to FEEL better!

With the FAB programme you can go from constant worry and exhausted to totally energised and loving life again. 

Imagine ENJOYING life every day. Sleeping well. Being FREE from worry and overwhelm. Finding yourself in a positive mindset as a norm. And feeling like a new you!

The FAB Programme has been specifically created for those who have come to the end of the line with anxiety. You are done with this problem. 

  • even if you think it’s too good to be true
  • even if you’ve tried and failed before. 
  • even if you’re sceptical
  • even if you’re worried about the cost
  • even if you’re short on time
  • even if you’re unsure how it will benefit you
  • even if you’ve had bad experiences with similar products/services
  • even if you’re afraid of change
  • even if you think it won’t work for your specific situation
  • even if you’re hesitant to try something new

It’s got everything you need, all packaged up in one simple place for you to use at your convenience.

There’s no travel, no parking, no fuel cost, just do this from your own home. 

You get the 9 Step FAB Programme for just £57 per. month. You can work at your own pace and this includes…

13 Coaching videos giving some advice and explanation about what we intend to achieve in each Step. Also letting you know what techniques you will be taught. .

9 Treatment videos, these are just like having a 1;1 with me. I will be talking to you individually and going through a technique that you will be able to follow and get results from. It will be just as if we were in the same room.

7 Worksheets to support you in working through some of the treatment videos You can find them in files and download and print them out for use.  Some of the worksheets asks you to send your answers to me, you do this by answering Quiz questions so I get to read your answers and it gives me more information about your main problem. 

Weekly group calls – where you can give me feedback, ask questions and tell me if you feel stuck. Then we can set up a short phone call where I can help you get unstuck. 

5 Hypnosis Tracks – listed below

Stop Overthinking – dealing with those negative thoughts

Anticipatory Anxiety – for when you are worrying about something that’s not happening yet

Stop Panic Attacks – to end those fearful experiences

Generalised Anxiety Treatment – dealing with worrying

Overcome Fear and Anxiety – focusing on eliminating fear.

These will be sent to you, preferably by WhatsApp, one at a time for the first 5 steps.

Contact Me…


Text or WhatsApp: 07779 647 642

Got a question? I’m happy to answer it…